Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Feel's Good To Be Back

The first day of school for the downtown university students always ends in transit confusion, especially for first year students riding GO Transit. Here's a sample of what I saw today, which made me laugh, but only inside, for it would have been rude to actually laugh.

For those who are unfamilliar, students who want to use student fares must have a GO Transit student card. To get one, you need to go to your school, get them to sign a form, and then take it to GO Transit to get it validated and laminated (this is done at Union for downtown schools, and on campus for York students). When I arrived at Brampton station this morning, someone tried to get their card validated, only to beg and plead and still get denied.

A little later on in the day, I went to Union and got my card validated at around 10. There was no line. Two friends of mine, however, went at 4:15. There was a line, and I'm sure it was at least an hour, if not two. I wonder if they even made the train.

Aside from someone trying to feed a monthly pass into the ticket cancelling machine and a woman who stepped out onto the street and was nearly runover by a streetcar, I suppose it was a normal day in the city.



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