Sunday, September 03, 2006

September Service Roundup - Burlington Transit

Burlington Transit's September service changes are part of their new long-term transit plans, so there's a lot to cover. Here's what to expect, both on and off the bus.
  • Route 1 Plains/Fairview has two new weekday afternoon trips to Hamilton, one new morning round trip on Saturday, and two new Sunday round trips. In addition, route 1 and 10 will no longer be interlined.
  • Route 4 Pinedale will now go through the Central Park area, serving the Senior's Centre, Central Arena, Music Centre and Central Library. Also, service to Appleby GO station will run all day on weekdays, instead of only during peak hours.
  • Route 6 Headon Forest will now serve the 407 carpool lot at Dundas. Also, service gets extended to 10:44 pm on weekdays and Saturdays at 60-minute frequency. New Sunday service will operate at 60 minute frequency from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Route 8 Harvester/North Service Road will be rerouted on Mainway and Sutton between Mainway and North Service road to better serve business in the area.
  • Route 10 New/Maple will no longer be integrated with route 1.
  • Route 11 Appleby has three new evening trips that meet the evening trains at Appleby GO Station.
  • Route 12 Upper Middle has increased morning service, midday headways halved to 30 minutes, and new hourly evening service and Sunday service to replace dial-a-bus service.
  • Route 13 New/Rebecca has a service adjustment to 30-minute frequency.
  • Route 15 Walkers is extended to the Dundas and 407 carpool lot, then along Dundas to the First Pro Plaza. Also, there will be two new northbound and three new southbound trips after 8:00 pm.
  • Route 61 Orchard will follow the 12 routing north of Upper Middle Road, then use the 11 routing beyond Pathfinder, with the reverse in the am.
  • Dial-a-ride routes 8A Burloak, 9 Lakeshore, 11 Appleby, 12A Upper Middle, and 15 Walkers Dial-a-Ride will have changes to the time they operate.
Outside of schedule changes, fares have increased. But, a 90 minute time-based transfer, identical to the ones used by the other systems, has been introduced to offer more value (which is a lot more value when you consider that Burlington Transit's ComboCard smart card doesn't deduct money after more than 3 rides in a day or 11 rides in a week. Also, a new Student Activity Pass will give high school students unlimited transit rides on the weekends and on weekdays after 5:00 pm. This is just a trial pass, and I hope it proves popular. Burlington has always been a step ahead of the other systems in the GTA in terms of fare collection innovation. The GTA Fare card which is coming into effect within the next few years is essentially the BT ComboCard on a large scale, so I would be surprised if any idea from Burlington doesn't go unnoticed.

In the long term, Burlington plans to install signal priority at key locations, buy replacement buses sooner, and finish installing bike racks on the Burlington Transit fleet.

Check with Burlington Transit for the new schedules.

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