Monday, October 23, 2006

The 96A

In a big city like Toronto, the TTC doubles as the school bus system for middle and high school students. However, this causes big problems when these kids don't know how to act. Remember the "wait until everyone is out before boarding"? When grade six kids are involved - forget it. Remember "move to the back of the bus"? See you later. What about "don't crowd the doors"? Ha ha ha, bless your soul.

That was my experience on the 96 today, heading westbound from York Mills Station. Watching these little rug rats running around the terminal and pushing each other into the street was enough to turn me off boarding the first bus, a 96G, which would have taken me closer to my destination. The next one was a far less crowded 96A, but the fun didn't stop.

Terrorism, it seems, isn't even on the radar for the average Torontonian. On the 96A, a passenger reported a suspicious package left at the back of the bus. The driver called it in, and instructed the passengers not to touch it. But, did the driver evacuate the bus? No. Did he stop the bus and wait for police? Not even close. Did any passenger panic? Not that I could see. Did any passenger even care? Not a chance. I'm not complaining about the TTC's procedure, I'm just commenting on Toronto psychology in general. Either we like to live dangerously, or we just don't care.

I think it's the latter.



At 10/24/2006 11:07 p.m. , Blogger A Deal Or No Deal said...

Why would anyone bomb the 96? If it's an act of terrorism, it would be using some strange logic: Toronto, your poor and vulnerable are vulnerable. On the other hand, an act of terrorism is about the only thing that can ever restore some semblance of service to that route.

I hate taking the 96. It always reminds me of the scene from Crash when Ludacris' character says o his friend, "you have no idea why they put them great big windows on the sides of buses, do you?" By the time I get off at Wilson, I'm incensed that people could be so poor and incensed at the people themselves for being so abrasive.


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