Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bramalea Station Loop

I'm happy to report that the new bus loop at Bramalea station is complete and in service, with a long line of passengers waiting to catch an eastbound 407 bus to York University. The loop provides better connections to the train platforms, the station building and the kiss-and-ride lanes, but it does need some tweaking before it is perfect:
  • Brampton Transit should modify its grid system and have buses serve the loop directly, rather than on the street. The intersection of Steeles and Bramalea is pretty barren (in addition to being intimidating to pedestrians with all the trucks), and stopping closer to the terminal would improve passenger comfort, especially in the winter. With the entrances and exits to the station being reworked, changes to the schedule would be marginal.
  • The GO Brampton Local, Highway 27 and Highway 427 Express services should also serve the new loop, rather than the on street stops for many of the same reasons as above.
All in all, the new loop is a great improvement, and the speed at which it was completed deserves commendation. The old loop will soon be removed and replaced with more parking, which has been a major issue at Bramalea, especially during the construction phase.



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