Thursday, October 26, 2006

Planning - Year One

I'm starting to think that my decision to transfer programs, from Mechanical Engineering to Urban and Regional Planning, was a decision that I will look back upon and smile about for years to come.

I received two papers back this week, and must say that I am very happy with the results.

In my municipal politics course, I received an "A" on the issue reaction paper, where I dissented from the argument that urban spaces should be designed to facilitate the interaction between people and the physical environment. I believe that the interaction between people is much more important. In my opinion, a community is nothing without people making social connections with others. The teaching assistant commented that it was one of only three "A" grades in the course.

In my urban and regional planning course, I received an "A" on the streetcar field research project, where we rode the 506 Carlton from end to end, observing land use patterns along the line. The paper seemed tailor-made to my interests, and I'm glad I did well on it.

I don't usually use this blog to talk about my personal life outside of my daily travels, but aside from some election coverage, which seems more of the same talking-points repeated ad nauseam, its been a slow week for transit news, with one exception. Post on that to follow.



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