Friday, October 27, 2006

Quid Pro Quo

Perhaps - but not likely - in response to CBC Radio's exposé on the TTC's love-hate relationship with technology, the commission has voted to expand the automatic stop announcement system fleet-wide. It will be a five year project, but it will make transit more accessible for the deaf and blind, in addition to helping out the people who simply don't know where they are.

Also, the TTC is working on a plan to equip stops with VIVA-style next bus displays. For once, I agree with Moscoe when he says that "people don't mind waiting for a bus if they know how long they have to wait." Of course, this one won't come cheap, but an interesting plan has been proposed. Moscoe has been negotiating with Rogers in a quid pro quo deal, where they would provide the technology in exchange for the permission to install mobile phone service in the subway. In this cutthroat market, that would be an ace in the hole for any cell phone provider.



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