Monday, November 16, 2009

Presto - local transit update

Last week I told you about how Presto would work on GO Transit, but Oakville Transit has given us a glimpse into how it will work for local transit:

Within a single calendar month, trips 1 - 8 are deducted at the cash fare rate. Trip 9 is 50% off and trip 10 is free. Trips 11 - 35 will be deducted at the ticket rate, and every trip after that is free for the rest of the month. This comes to a total of $79.50 if you ride more than 36 times in a month. Compared to a monthly pass at $88, you save considerably and you don't have to deposit the money up front.

While each system is permitted to set their own fare policies, I expect it to be structured quite similarly - You pay a cash rate for the first few trips, the ticket rate for the bulk of the trips, and then you become free at some point. I suspect that Oakville's discounting for trips 9 and 10 is to encourage people to continue riding and get over the hump to the price break. In my experience, "try it and you'll like it" usually works.

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At 11/16/2009 6:02 p.m. , Anonymous Brent said...

More than likely, the discounting for trips 9 and 10 is so that your cash fares become retroactively equivalent to ticket fares (their ticket price of $2.55 is 85% of the cash price of $3.00).

At 12/04/2009 10:47 p.m. , Anonymous baludec5 said...

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