Friday, February 09, 2007

News Roundup

The TTC is a big ticket item this budget year. According to the Toronto Star, about half of the city's capital budget is earmarked for the TTC. I'm all in favour of higher spending on capital projects for transit, but according to Kyle Rae (Ward 27, Toronto Centre - Rosedale), the city is becoming a transit agency, with a few other functions on the side. Clearly, the city cannot function on solely property taxes. Regular funding is needed.

Transport Canada says that all ferries need to have passengers board in single file lines, pass through metal detectors and have their bag inspected. Miller is asking for an exemption, because the Toronto Island Ferry system is fundamentally different than the inter-provincial ferries this order is trying to regulate. I wonder what will happen to Vancouver's Seabus, which is considered to be part of the regular TransLink network.

We thought we were safe, but we actually weren't. Previously, CN and the union representing CN conductors reached a deal which would keep commuter trains running in the event of a strike (which could happen as early as tonight). However, its now been reported that CN conductors assigned to passenger service can still walk off the job with three days notice. GO will release details of their contingency plan later today.

In other news, CN has not bid on the new tender to operate GO transit trains. The reports say that they just weren't interested, but I think that they really haven't been interested since the early 1970s.

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At 2/10/2007 5:33 p.m. , Blogger Adeel Ahmad said...

In the event of a conductor strike, I propose that citizens be allowed to serve as conductors. I'll be the first to volunteer, though it's really contingent on whether we get to wear those sharp hats.


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