Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Lone Supporter?

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only blogger who supports the Spadina subway extension.

The project does have its drawbacks - in that it only serves a small area of the city - but isn't that true of all projects?

Everyone of my fellow bloggers wants the GTA to have a network of rapid transit lines, but isn't a network nothing more than a collection of individual lines?

Here is what others have to say about the planned expansion:
I hope that we soon realize that a transit network is a series of parts that make a whole, not a whole that gets build all at once. I hope that we recognize that Toronto is an integrated region, and that we cannot have a downtown bias any longer. Finally, I hope that we consider the 50,000 people who live around Jane & Finch who will directly benefit from the shorter commuting time that this line will bring before we condemn this project as a waste of money.

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