Sunday, March 18, 2007

Streetcars no answer for disabled riders - Toronto Star

Streetcars no answer for disabled riders
March 18, 2007
TTC plans light rail web
March 16.

I am pleased that public transportation is getting a boost, but new streetcar lines will not do much for passengers on crutches, in wheelchairs, pushing strollers, or hauling large loads of groceries. I am offended that decisions continue to be made about GTA transportation without taking mobility-impaired customers' needs into account.

Sara Scharf, Toronto
I recognize that the TTC and the city needs to do a better job differentiating between the system we've had now and the system being proposed, but come on, the words "low floor" and "accessible" had to have been used no less than 86 times in the report and from the mouths of the Mayor, the TTC chair, and other city officials. I'm all for people having their opinions, but they have to be informed opinions. People like this drive me crazy.

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