Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A time and a place

Yesterday, an unfortunate accident resulted in a pedestrian being hit and killed by a GO Train at Scarborough GO Station. The aftermath resulting in delays and cancellations to most lines. Some trains passed by the scene at high speed after the delays had cleared, but some passengers, including a close friend of mine, saw the gruesome scene. My sympathies go out to the family of the deceased, to the locomotive crew members, and to anyone who witnessed the events.

I don't usually comment on these incidents, but an article entitled Commuters GO Mad at Rush Hour Chaos published on BlogTO jumped me to action.

The article reports on the delay, but then goes on to say that "this is just another indication to me that our transit system in the GTA is absolutely broken."

This article is shameful at best. Someone has died, and this is not the time to push a political agenda. I could understand if the article called for improved safety at railway crossings or more pedestrian over- and under-passes, but to call for faster and more reliable service in an article about a tragedy is inappropriate. Lets not forget that someone has died.

The article closes with the following, in regards to using hydrogen to power GO trains:

"Let's get our head out of the clouds here and start hunting with spears before we move on to rifles."

After a man is killed in a hunting accident, its appropriate to let a little time pass before we pick up our rifles again.



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