Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When it all works the way it should

Sometime this morning, an eastbound VIA Rail train struck a car at the level crossing at Old Weston Road. This crossing is one of the more dangerous crossings because you have two CN tracks, a large gap, a CP track that cuts diagonally across the road, then a second CP track. The temptation is for drivers to drive into the middle instead of waiting for the entire crossing to clear in times of congestion. I can't say that this caused the accident, but it wouldn't surprise me. Either way, it resulted in the 11:30 westbound and 12:15 eastbound GO trains on the Georgetown line to be cancelled.

I arrived at Bramalea station on the connecting bus from downtown Brampton, expecting to find a train waiting to take me the rest of the way downtown. Instead, we were instructed to take a shuttle bus to Union. I found myself on the second bus out with 56 other seated passengers and four standees. We left at 12:20 PM, and despite rubbernecking on the 427 as drivers gawked at an overturned transport truck, we arrived at Union station on time at 12:50.

It's wonderful when things work they way they should.

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