Friday, July 04, 2008

+1 for Guelph Transit

Transit Toronto is reporting that Guelph Transit will be improving frequencies on all routes to 20 minute headways this Monday, bringing an end to the insanity that has plagued the city for some time. As you might recall, Guelph Transit operates a network where all buses arrive and depart the downtown terminal at the same time, making it fairly easy to make connections. The city found that rush hour congestion was preventing buses from making the timed connection, and they decided to decrease frequencies during the peak hours to improve reliability - a move that won no applause form many in the transit community.

With 20 minute service, the community will see a more convenient transit service and higher frequencies without the loss of reliability that 40 minute service provided.

Kudos to Guleph Transit for ending this horrible experiment, and as I said to close the last post on the subject, I hope this is the last folly the citizens of Guelph ever embark upon.

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