Friday, January 15, 2010

St. Clair streetcar anguish avoidable, study says - Toronto Star

It really irks me when people say "they won't construct ______ right in the end anyway, so we should oppose the project". 

If I fail a test does it mean that I should drop out of school? No. It simply means that I need to learn from my mistakes. 

According to the Toronto Star, the TTC has commissioned a review of the St. Clair streetcar right-of-way project to find out how the delays and cost escalations can be avoided when similar projects are constructed in the future. Some of the findings include a breakdown in coordination between the city, the TTC and Toronto Hydro, among others; the design changes that appeared to come "as an afterthought"; and the judicial review of the project.

With any large infrastructure project there will be disruption, but it is worth it. One cannot build a house without digging an ugly hole, and one cannot address congestion without ripping up the streets. The key is to learn from our mistakes and push forward to deliver the benefits to the community sooner.

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At 1/15/2010 12:02 p.m. , Blogger leonsp said...

It's good that they are doing a post mortem analysis, but what makes it really worthwhile is that there are in fact follow-up projects that will allow for an application of the lessons learned from St. Clair.


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