Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Dirty Little Secrets of Tokens

A few days ago, in Shopper's Drug Mart, the security gates went off when I passed through. Today at Chapters, the same thing happened. This is the first time this had ever happened to me, so I wondered what could be causing it. Why would the alarm go off in the majority of stores that I went into? Then, it hit me....

I had tokens in my pocket.

So, at Canadian Tire, I did a small test. I passed through with the tokens in my pocket, and the alarm went off. I walked through without the tokens, and the alarm did not go off. I walked through a third time with the tokens, and of course, the alarm went off.

So be warned, the new TTC tokens are setting off security alarms at certain stores.

Moscoe said that the tokens did not have RFID tags embedded within them. Was this a clever lie to trick counterfeiters, or could there be some other force at play here?

Until the TTC identifies this problem and corrects it, I fear for the young person who is accused of shoplifting simply because he's carrying TTC tokens in their pocket.



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