Friday, March 09, 2007

Nathan Phillips Square

Yesterday, the proposal by Plant Architect & Shore Tilbe Irwin was selected for the redesign for Nathan Phillips Square. Overall, I like what I see, and I'm encouraged by the fact that it was designed to be phased in, allowing us to build a little at a time, rather than all or nothing. However, I noticed that none of the finalists had proposed anything bold or radical. Sometimes we need a radical public works project to instill civic pride. Here's some images of the winning submission, from the City of Toronto website.

Ariel View

The Queen Street forecourt of the restaurant

The New Peace Garden

The theatre terrace and skate pavilion

Ariel view at night


The city has pledged 16 million towards the redevelopment, with the remaining 24 million coming from the private sector. Naming rights is an option, but it has to be balanced out with easy recognition. I wouldn't mind "The ABC Stage at Nathan Phillips Square", but renaming the square, or any public building or identified tourist attraction, is a disgrace to all involved.

You can read more about this project at Spacing Wire



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