Monday, August 06, 2007

A Spiffy Gardiner

Spacing has posted a follow-up to a Toronto Star article published yesterday about how other cities around the world have dealt with their elevated urban highways. I don't believe that the Gardiner Expressway itself is a barrier to the waterfront - the barrier is the barren urban wasteland under the Gardiner. I've been to Qu├ębec, where the underside of a section of Autoroute 440 just below the old city is a breathtaking artist haven. If we spiffy it up and make it a destination itself, in addition to improving the transit links from the subway stations to the waterfront, we can encourage people to make the trip down from the core.

Happy civic holiday to all, and here's a fun fact.
Today is:
  • Simcoe Day in Toronto
  • Colonel By Day in Ottawa
  • Heritage Day in Alberta & Kingston, Ontario
  • British Columbia Day
  • New Brunswick Day
  • Regatta Day in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador (on Wednesday, weather permitting)
  • Natal Day in Nova Scotia
  • Saskatchewan Day
  • Discovery Day in the Yukon (in two weeks).
  • An un-named day off in Prince Edward Island, Nunavut & Manitoba.
If your local area has a different name, feel free to comment.



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