Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gold coins are only impressive in pirate tales

Yesterday I used my last TTC ticket, necessitating a trip to the token machine at Union Station. Under the new fares, $20 will get you 8 tokens and $2.00 in change, which is much more convenient than receiving 9 tokens and a handful of random coins. However, this is not what I got.

For my $20, I received 8 tokens, $1 and a laundry token of "no cash value". Its rounded, as opposed to the 11-sided loonie, but is the same thickness and weighs about the same.

I'll be swinging by the station later today to get the machine's number in order to mount a effective customer concern, but the machine is on the west side of the union station concourse (the high traffic corridor between the GO station and the PATH network), and it is the southernmost machine out of a side-by-side pair.

I'm not going to say I don't want my money back, but in order to be given to me, it had to be in the machine in the first place. I suppose I don't have to verbalize what I'm saying here.

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