Saturday, March 29, 2008

A message to Rogers

Those who know me well know that I have series problems with the telecommunications companies in this country. Well, now they have gone too far.

Rogers, we have a problem.

Firstly, you have ignored me, a faithful customer when I needed help. "Its not my problem," you said when my phone kept breaking. You stalled, bouncing back my emails and calls, and in the end wouldn't offer me any assistance, even though your logo is on the product. How can you say that you serve your customers when you'll only help them if all the stars align?

Next, you shortchanged my father when, and conveniently kept us on the lower-tier television plan when you had made the higher-tier plan standard for all customers. When you say that you're improving the experience for your customers, does this mean only those who hear rumours and file complaints get the improved experience?

And, you are guilty of manipulating the speed of the internet and you know it. We pay for a certain speed, but you interpret that to mean "whenever it suits us." You slow down the speed when we I hope the federal government doesn't take kindly to you infringing on the rights of all Canadians to access CBC content.

Now, you plan to cap our internet and charge overage fees, turning back the clock on the concept of unlimited internet. It has been 10 years since time-limited internet became unheard of. Didn't history teach you anything? Canadians don't want limited internet access! What's next? Are you going to come by my home and snatch my Grandmother's Chatelaine unless she pays you a second time to keep reading?

You have gone too far, and my family and I are not afraid to cancel every Rogers service we subscribe to. If voting with our wallets is what it takes, then prepare to see ballots cast.



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