Friday, August 22, 2008 roundup

After a few weeks of going live, I am happy to announce that I have three posts published on

Dude, where's my sidewalk? gives a general overview of life in the 905 and how difficult it truly is to choose transit. Bus frequency is an issue, of course, but problems like no sidewalks and poor land-use planning must be addressed if we want to reduce our dependency on the automobile.

Barrier Free Future examines accessibility on transit, and how it isn't always as easy as building more elevators and buying low floor streetcars. With the REX service getting a lot of favourable comments in the community, I examine how the most cost-effective way of implementing the service might make it more difficult for those in wheelchairs and mobility devices to use the service.

The Endless Waltz examines the bitter debate between station placement and urban design. Subway lines tend to be built with stations spaced further apart than light rail lines, and many believe that this will cause areas of low-density to remain in between stations. But, is there any truth to this argument? I travel to Sheppard Avenue to find out.

Also, you'll find articles by many other contributers. Sameer Vasta has well-commented articles about congestion charges and park & ride lots, while Kate Kusiac introduces a series on the human experiences of transit. Karen Smith talks about making the city a bit more bicycle friendly, and Rannie Turingan has several photos of life in the GTHA and some car-free ways to get to the CNE.



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