Sunday, June 06, 2010

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the (b)OMB

I think this blog post is worth re-posting in light of the protest against the decision this weekend. My stance on the issue has not changed, as I truly believe that this is the kind of development we need to turn around our neighbourhood.

We often talk about the OMB taking away our right to build the community we want to see. Well, the Heart Lake that I want to see is inclusive and offers a variety of housing for people of different family sizes and income levels. I want to see it support local businesses by growing their customer base. I want better transit, and raising density increases transit ridership which results in increased service. I want to see taxes stay low by bringing in more people to help pay for infrastructure. I want to see a place where the environment is protected by building away from the Greenbelt and pristine farmland. I want to see a place where there is no longer a disconnect between "I want to live there" and "I can live there".

The Ontario Municipal Board has not taken away our rights. In fact, the OMB has upheld our right to live in a place we've been saying we want to live in for years.

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