Monday, January 08, 2007

The better way... around the net

Why pay for a service when there are a bunch of people willing to do the work for free?

The TTC is planning to upgrade its website, which hasn't been overhauled since it launched in 1998, and is inviting bloggers to contribute to the new design. At the time, management wasn't convinced that this "new-fangled internet" would last much longer than Pokemon cards and the Macarena, so corners had to be cut in design. You can read the history of the TTC's website at Spacing, and weigh in on the subject at Reading Toronto, BlogTO, Spacing or the Torontoist.

What would I like to see? Here's a few ideas.
  • A trip planner that gives you more walking time. I've had issues with Mississauga Transit's.
  • Spreadsheet-style schedules, where you can read down to see how long your trip will take, and across for the next bus.
  • A quick search to bring up the schedules quickly.
  • More reports and documents, so we can know what issues are being discussed.
  • Full integration with the GTTA, should it live up to what I hope it will become.
  • Text messages to mobile phones about service delays. Email is all fine and good, but I cannot check my email on the bus, unless I manage to find an unsecured wi-fi hot spot - and that would be unethical.
What would you like to see on the TTC's new website? I'd love to hear it, but be sure to post it on one of the above blogs.



At 1/10/2007 12:42 a.m. , Anonymous Jenn said...

I think that the TTC website needs to have quicker links to the system maps and routes. You have to go through too many different links just to find the map of the subway. There should be links on the homepage for "Buses", "Subway" and "Streetcars" that people can click on for easy access. Also some nicer, more attractive graphics couldn't hurt. You can tell that they haven't updated it in a while.


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