Friday, April 13, 2007

Shuttle Buses

If you haven't heard of the news this morning out in the east end, you can read more here. I don't want to dwell on it, but I wanted to make a point about shuttle buses. Many complaints about the closure involved confusion over shuttle buses, and its time for a standardized policy to handle shuttle buses when the subway has to be closed.
  • Passengers should be kept informed as to why the diversion is taking place. I believe that people are more understanding if they are kept in the loop.
  • Passengers need to know where to go to board the shuttle buses, and their should be some sort of standardization. Either the shuttles board on the street or in the terminal - not on a station-by-station basis. Also, supervisors should be on hand to direct passengers.
  • The shuttle buses need to have some sort of display sign telling people where it's going. Most of the time you can orient yourself when you exit your home station and know which way is east and which is west. An unfamiliar station can be very disorienting. Perhaps buses heading towards downtown should say just that, while the opposite direction should say "Away from downtown".
Subways break down and tragedies happen, but by managing the chaos can sometimes save the rush hour.



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