Monday, June 11, 2007

Revolving Door

John Tory, the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party - and my member of provincial parliament - said that if he were elected premier, he would mandate that GO Transit meet on time performance standards or face a housecleaning of management. John Tory used to be the CEO of Rogers Cable, so I'll put the analogy in terms he can understand.

What if Rogers didn't own its cable wires and simply rented time on them from another company? What if the content Rogers sent to its customers had to take a backseat to the owner's content, and disruptions resulted when the owner couldn't offer as much airtime as usual? What if the cable wires went down, and the owner wanted to take his good sweet time to fix them? What if the owner's technicians called in sick?

That's the reality at GO. They are at the mercy of the railroads, and unless that bondage is broken, GO will never live up to it's reliability expectations. Sacking the management whenever the trains are late will result in a revolving door of managers until there is no one qualified or willing to do the job.

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