Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The heritage of the city

I don't need to write a long post about this issue, but it must be made clear.

Business interest are destroying the heritage of this city.
  • Sam the Record Man - City council has to step in to save the sign from being auctioned off to whomever bid highest.
  • The Rogers Centre - Didn't the taxpayers build that stadium? Where was the public debate in its new name?
  • The building formerly known as the Hummingbird Centre - Another public building with naming rights sold without public debate.
  • The John Street Roundhouse - a vintage 1948 locomotive must be moved or scrapped to make way for a furniture store.
  • Walnut Hall - demolition by neglect, a condo tower to follow.
  • CHUM CITY Building - The new owners are removing every last vestige of the previous tenants, including the famous news truck on the wall.
There need not be any more losses of heritage structures. I propose legislation to give the city the power to declare certain structures as tourist attractions which cannot change names unless approved by council in public debate. I only hope we don't see something horrible before we are moved to action.



At 7/03/2007 6:04 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Skydome never should have been renamed. Rogers Centre is so corporate. Why must every stadium have a corporate name in it? How unoriginal.
It's also sad what they're doing with the City TV building.
And as far as I know Leon's will be moving into the Roundhouse without destroying it. Bad idea for them to be in there in the first place though. It doesn't fit.


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