Friday, December 21, 2007


This celebrates my 200th post on this blog, and I hope I have the pleasure of writing 200 more!

Here's a news roundup:

GO bus drives, station agents and clerical staff have been in a legal strike position since the tentative settlement reached earlier in the month was rejected, but according to the union president, Denis Tanham, union members won't walk out over the Christmas holidays and will offer 48 hours strike notice. Durham-based bloggers like Karem Allen have some interesting comments on the issue, as Durham Region's transit options rely very heavily on the Highway 2 GO bus corridor.

Condominium sales accounted for 52% of all new home sales in Toronto for the year 2007, suggesting that this past year was "The Year of the Condo". I was going to praise this as a sign that sustainable densities and development concepts are beginning to take a strong foothold in the minds of Toronto citizens and developers, but aside from parts of northeastern Scarborough, there is no greenfield development occurring in Toronto. This dilutes the figure, but it does show that things are starting to change. Hopefully we will see the same trends begin to develop in the suburban municipalities.

Be weary of modified service in the period between Christmas Eve and New Years Day. Some agencies are running on holiday service on particular days, while others are running on weekday service with reduced or modified frequency on some routes. Double check the schedules if you plan to head out over the next two weeks.

If you plan to head to the malls over the weekend, consider taking transit to avoid getting into a fist fight over a parking space.

And above all else, have a happy festive season!

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At 12/21/2007 8:23 p.m. , Anonymous Karem Allen said...

Thank you for the mention and I will request metroland add a link to this site.

I will intro your blog when they add the link and highlight your position on the metrolinx advisory committee.

DRT website has now updated some contingincy but just highlighting existing service that does leave out huge areas with nothing.

Have a great Holiday Season!


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