Monday, January 21, 2008

This jaw remains firmly shut

I was greeted this morning with a news stories with titles like:

"Rogers Comes out with REASONABLE Data Plans!"


"Rogers breaks out new data plans, Canadian jaws drop"

These stories praise Rogers' new data rates for PC cards, but the new tariffs represent nothing more than an increase from an failing grade to a redeemable failing grade. Now, $65 per month will earn you 1 GB of data, where in the past, 25 MB was all you would receive for a comparable price.

While this is a step in the right direction, one must consider that on AT&T in the United States, $60 per month will get you 450 daytime minutes, 5000 nighttime minutes, 200 text messages and UNLIMITED data on the coveted Apple iPhone. One must note that the above Rogers offer does not include voice calls.

Some argue that due to economies of scale, it is unreasonable to expect Rogers to match the AT&T offer. However, Canadian wireless data prices are consistently ranked as being more expensive than in Rwanda, which was ranked number 12 on a list of failed states in 2005.

We have to demand better.



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