Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Maybe it's me that doesn't get it...

John Barber talks about the fare integration issue in his column today, and while he points out that the agency seems to have failed in achieving seamless transit that the RTP promised, he seems to ignores the number key issue.

Isn't the real question if we should have fare integration at all?

Maybe I'm biased towards Metrolinx, or maybe I don't understand John Barber's style because I don't read his column very often, but I think it's easy to pick on Metrolinx because acting against the status quo will mean missteps. We can always sit on our laurels, but what good will that bring us? If we want to make progress towards a transit-oriented culture then we're going to have to take chances. Sometimes we'll fail and sometimes we'll succeed. Sometimes it will be a quick win and sometimes it will be sent back to the drawing board. Sometimes it will be consensus and sometimes it will be a political mess. But, in the end, all of it will be worth it.

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