Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This is good development - Brampton Guardian

This is good development
Tuesday April 17 2007

It has been with increasing irritation over the past several weeks that I have been reading the letters from "concerned citizens" who oppose the proposed high-rise development around Heart Lake.

These letters have revealed astonishing self-absorption and self-righteousness, and have failed to offer a genuine argument against the development. The "arguments" boil down to "I don't like it, and don't build it near my house". This is classic "Not In My Backyard"-ism.

The idea that this development will somehow harm the environment is presented either naively or as an outright deception. Newsflash, good citizens: Brampton's environment is already compromised. We don't live in some kind of nature preserve. Car-culture sprawl, and 4,000 new houses a year, have already taken care of the "environment".

Intensification in existing urban areas is the only way to increase population density to a sufficient point to allow for viable public transit and other municipal services.

Brampton is, as you well know, irrevocably part of the ever-growing urban area known as the GTA.

If any of these letter-writers really cared about the environment, they would be supportive of the Heart Lake development and other projects like it.

They should definitely stop trying to present their objections as anything more noble than their own ill-considered self-interest.

Bill Yetman,
I've always been in favour of this proposal, and this letter captures part of the reason why. Here's the other reason:

The site of the proposed tower is shown in red, with yellow place marks marking the location of schools, parks, shopping and transit - everything necessary to have in a residential area and within walking distance or within five minutes by transit. It makes excellent urban planning sense to build high density developments at this site, and failing to do so does nothing to address urban sprawl.

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