Monday, January 28, 2008

Towards Sustainable Transportation

The door to discuss Metrolinx's first discussion paper, "Towards Sustainable Transportation" is quickly closing. This paper isn't about where lines on the maps should be drawn, and it's not about what density targets we should be building at (both of those will come later). This paper tries to outline the process that will be used to form the RTP and explains how everyone interested can get their voices heard. So here's one last kick at the can:
  • What do you think about the 5 step consultation process?
  • What fundamental goals should Metrolinx keep in mind while developing the RTP?
  • What measures of success should be used?
  • What best-practices from around the world should Metrolinx incorporate into the regional plan?
If you haven't registered to comment on this discussion paper, you'll find instructions at the link above. If you prefer, you can comment on this post and I'll take it to the committee meeting in the near future. The next discussion paper "Mobility Hubs" is set to be released, and I'll have a full breakdown soon.



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