Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Perhaps the worst kept municipal secret in the city of Toronto in 2008 are the February 17th TTC service adjustments. Since they aren't officially going to be released until a press gala on Friday, I'll leave it to the Mayor and the TTC Chair to bring the good news. However, I will say this. Photo-ops are a great way to get people excited about transit, which is admittedly not a very sexy subject. However, three days is not enough to get the word out to everyone.

Thankfully, since these are all improvements and not cuts, its unlikely that someone will become stranded from missing their bus. And, the inconvenience of schedules being shuffled around will be mitigated by the greater frequencies.

But, I would still be a little upset if I got to my stop on Monday morning only to find I could have left the house ten or fifteen minutes later and still be on time.

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