Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rush job feared on airport rail link - Toronto Star

Anyone who rides the Georgetown trains knows that improvements are long overdue. The problem is that the environmental assessment for adding new capacity between the St. Clair Avenue overpass and the area just outside Bramalea station is married to the environmental assessment for Blue 22 - the hugely unpopular Union-Pearson rail link. Weston residents are not opposed these trains, they just want them to be run by a public agency and have them pick up and drop off passengers in their community.

The EA has been sitting on at the province since October 2006, seemingly collecting dust. According to a Toronto Star article, the concerned citizens are worried that the province is waiting for the new EA rules to come into effect in June before expediting the project.

I disagree.

Given the movement on the RTP, I think the most likely scenario is that the Province is waiting for the plan to be released before sending the EA back for study in the context of the plan. The province, under the very same government, wouldn't have created Metrolinx only to undermine it. Also, given the concepts released under the white papers, Blue 22 seems to have morphed into two, possibly three different lines - two are green, and one is a red rocket.

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