Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Grassy Knoll

Whereas there exist theories that the Sheppard LRT project is a calculated and nefarious plot to put a permanent end to full-fledged subway construction in the city of Toronto and to generally screw Scarborough over, I've decided to pose the following thoughts:

Fact: The Sheppard Subway was intended to operate from Yonge Street to Scarborough Town Centre.
Fact: The Sheppard Subway was only constructed from Yonge Street to Don Mills Road.
Fact: A surface light rail line can accommodate projected ridership along the remainder of Sheppard Avenue.
Fact: Projected ridership, even with the increased attractiveness of a subway, would still fall below the justification point for subway construction.

Question: Does the fact that a part of the original plan was constructed justify finishing the plan, or is it acceptable to change priorities in order to correct perceived mistakes of the past?

Fact: The Bloor-Danforth Subway currently terminates at Kennedy Station.
Fact: Scarborough Town Centre serves as a major transfer point between riders and the larger rapid transit network.
Fact: The existing Scarborough RT primarily serves as a shuttle between Kennedy Station and Scarborough Town Centre.
Fact: Trains using the existing alignment can accommodate projected ridership along the corridor, including demand from the proposed extension to Malvern.

Question: Is eliminating a transfer enough of a justification for the construction of a subway when less expensive, incremental improvements can accommodate the demand placed on the line?

Discuss with examples.

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At 3/19/2009 1:36 p.m. , Blogger Jordan said...

While I can't comment on the Sheppard line, I'm really exited about the prospects of continuing the Yonge line and possibly LRT lanes in York Region where few roads and an increasing population make getting around difficult as it is.
My commute takes me along Highway 7 everyday and I spend most of that time sitting in traffic – Aaagg! While I work for the people responsible for planning, designing and building the subways extensions and the rapidways, I also can’t wait until transit is faster and easier to take me to work. That’s just my story – what’s yours?
Visit and have your say about how this will change the way you get around – and don’t forget to vote on the subway poll.


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