Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brampton Guardian - Downtown GO lot could be site of hotel/convention centre

According to the Brampton Guardian, Brampton's Mayor is pushing for a hotel and convention centre to be built in the parking lot of the GO station in the city's historic downtown. Of course the knee-jerk reaction is "DON'T TOUCH MY FREE PARKING", but there's no reason why GO parking can't be incorporated into the development. In fact, reconfiguring the site could probably solve the traffic problems around train time. Surface lots are a terrible use of land when we can have jobs and economic development, and almost every planning principle I can think of says that, in principle, this is a good idea.

Mayor Susan Fennell, you are going to have to difficult time selling this to people who refuse to think outside of the box. But, downtown Brampton is booming and this is the kind of investment we need to keep that boom going. My only concern is that sight lines of the station from Church Street should be preserved. It's a federally designated heritage railway station, after all.



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